A review of the movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, hunting Obama Bin Laden (Oops)! 12:30 a.m.

Zero Dark Thirty

‘Waterboarding’ in the first two minutes just puts you off. A CIA thriller however, Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark ‘Freakin’ thirty; despite its many wonderful qualities could be classified as just another technically proficient pile of balderdash. And it makes it abundantly clear that why the Pakistanis had every right to be furious and to blame the United States of Imperial America for all its woes.
You can see it all there — the US’s arrogant, self-interested, ruthless, unabated, hypocritical meddling in the sovereign affairs of another state no matter how badly they deny it; leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Huh! To say the least, it is highly controversial.
A scene in the movie “How do you like Pakistan so far? It’s kind of fucked up”. I wonder, will this slander and foul language about a country which is the US’s biggest ally in the war on terror in Afghanistan take you far? Makes me further think is this what they usually do in the American Embassy in Pakistan? Witch hunt for OBL! Pity the hordes and hordes of poor Pakistanis who, on a daily basis fall in line at the US embassy to apply for immigration or student visa. Is it worth it in the first place to leave the land of the pure and opt to settle in the land of opportunity; the nation which sends drones on a monthly basis to kill our poorly undefended, women, children and the elderly in the Taliban infested tribal areas?
What I see as a plot here is to implicate Pakistan whatever come may and indeed why not. Our army was caught with its pants down when OBL was indeed found out to be living under the nose of the glorious army and in the vicinity of the Pakistan Military Academy. What a shame! Were we involved? You bet my butt; we were.
The bitter pill of course here is the torture in the movie. Critics from the left wing may argue that the film glorifies torture by suggesting it’s a useful way of operating in developing countries, even though it was not used to make any of the not-so-intelligent discoveries that led to the assassination of OBL. At best, it glorifies one particular agent and portrays her as the super demolition woman in the entire script while battling against the bureaucracy of the CIA as a whole. Gee thanks!
OBL is dead but Pakistan is still alive and will continue to exist and no matter how badly the western world wants to find and bomb our nukes; it will not be possible. We may be crazy in the heads but we are not that foolish to put all our eggs in the same basket. The ‘Easter egg’ hunt may go on, the cat and mice will continue to play, the canary in the gold mine will continue to fool you. Laughter 
In the end, I would give full credit to Bigelow since her movie stops short of the US from really grasping that its empire-of-influence attitude to the rest of the world is hugely damaging both to non-Americans and to the standing of the US itself.

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